Monday, August 18, 2008

The Saddleback Fiasco

I listen to a lot of talk radio in the car, sometimes sports, sometimes politics, and also have started listening to a C.S. Lewis book, Mere Christianity, on audio CD's. Totally dominating the political speak seems to be the fact that John McCain was not in a "cone of silence" when Obama was asked very similar questions as the big "discussion" that was had Saturday night. Apparently this has enraged many of the Obama supporters b/c McCain had "advanced notice" of the questions and thereby a distinct advantage.

Point 1: They both new the topics and these are questions they have been answering over and over for the past year, they know how they feel, they know how they should answer if they have a decent answer in them.

Point 2: Regardless of whether you know the question or even the answer it is more about how you sell it. This is the same thing over and over and 80% of the country knows who they are already voting for and staged events like this answering "moral" questions are an exercise in selling you and your ideas and when your ideas won't win it to nuetralize the damage. C'mon people this really isn't about ideology to the people who will actually elect the next President.

Point 3: This one is easy, if John McCain knew beforehand he sure as well wouldn't have said 5 million is "wealthy". If he had been prepped he wouldn't have said it, flip side is that he pitched that one out there to throw everyone off the trail and if that is the case he sold it so well that is the guy I want leading the country lying to the Russians for the next 4 years (even though that is not what I'm thinking)

Point 4: As my last post just said I don't think McCain really cheated and I actually hold that against him. If he was in a car part of me really thinks he should have been listening and prepping the whole time. That is what a leader does, he takes advantages were he can, as long as no one is really hurt (which is really, really the case here). There is an honor thing and if the is where McCain is I can't hold that against him but to me there is something a little worthy about a sneaky SOB (Nixon-esque) leading the country. The flip of that is I like the noble guy leading by example but to me there is very little harm here to be had.

Just my takes

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