Monday, August 18, 2008

RSS and the Challenge suggestions

The Discover feature on Google Reader is fairly handy and amazingly intuitive of what I actually like. Google Reader also has Top Recommendations of kind of a best of Discovery and I have started reading several feeds I found this way.

As for the different methods – Use Google Reader, I used to use Bloglines but went away from it b/c to me Google is just easier to read. Looking at Sydnic8 I was just amazed, it has a horrible frontend but to stick a word into the search box and the results were outstanding. It did take a little digging b/c it returns so much and doesn’t seem to really sort in order of popularity or quality but max resources here. Technorati seems to be a good idea and I know folks who use it but I just can’t get into it, not really sure why. I do like the authority ability and it has good stuff but I just don’t feel it.

In playing I found some really random feeds about Baseball which is my relaxing topic, where I like to read and what I like to watch. One is Solodor’s Groovy Computer Baseball League which is about imaginary baseball but in all too real detail. I love baseball and play computer baseball games but this is scary. Of more helpful links along this same line I have never found before are RotoChamps and several blogs for different teams by fans of certain teams, ie. the Pirates and Reds.

To find feeds I often just do a Google Blog search for my topic and if they are talking about my topic then sometimes (more often than not) they will have a whole blog on that subject or related topics.

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