Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reading Stuff

Despite the fact I've been super busy at work and keeping up a decent pace with movies I have had a chance to do some reading over the past 6 weeks. I have completed Wonderdog by Inman Majors, Welcome to the Fallen Paradise by Dayne Sherman a fellow librarian I met at a conference earlier this year, and Prisoner of Trebekistan by Bob Harris.

I am also about halfway through Lost Horizon by James Hilton which is the original story of Shangri-La.

Once done with that I'm not really sure what is next. I have this book, The Tycoons by Charles Moore about the great magnates of old in Rockefeller, Gould, Morgan & Carnegie, but this isn't lite reading which is what I can really plow through. I have a couple of books a fellow librarian has given me one is Cold Mountain which was based on how much I liked Thirteen Moons also by Charles Frazier. She has also given me Inkheart and Inkspell which I just couldn't get into the first 50 pages of whichever one is the first one.

K, my wife, has talked about starting to read the Twilight series of books which seem very popular but I'm not sold on those.

There is part of me that wants to be better read on some of the classics and it seems like I liked one of the J.F. Cooper books and I am a big fan of the Louis L'Amour westerns and most especially the Sackett series (but not the war one's).

I like some Faulkner stuff (Light in August) but don't care for other parts of it (didn't get into As I Lay Dying) and I started on A Farewell to Arms but just didn't get into it.

I like some Mark Twain stuff but I have a tough time finding pleasure in trying to get thru the pidgin english that Twain has a lot of.

I also tear through stuff like John Grisham books and Dan Brown books like Angels & Demons and The DiVinci Code and obviously the Harry Potter stuff (I think more english speaking people have read them than haven't at this point).

So I guess to wrap up this post I will ask for recommendations one might have for me as I look for a new reading item.

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