Friday, August 29, 2008


I saw some of Obama's speech and there are a lot of issues I don't like Obama on but I'm starting to question my rejection of Obama and I'll tell you why. I'm not sure if I blogged about (don't have time to dig back thru this morning) but one of my biggest complaints about Bush (and other politicians) more than what they do is how they do it. When I say this I am talking presentation.

On some level, whether I like it or not, the President represents me, the Governor represents me, Chip Pickering as my representative represents me to other people around the country/world. I'm never going to meet somebody from the UK or for that fact from North Dakota but my representatives give these people who I'll never meet an idea of what I am about and I don't want them doing a poor job of that. I've bitched a lot about the stupid things Bush does, ignoring politics, I mean really he has done some bafoonish stuff and it embarasses me. Haley Barbour trotting out that Southern Drawl makes us as Mississippians look stupid and slow (which some are but I'm not and more importantly he is not, its all for effect and its not an effect I want us portrayed as).

I say all this to say that Obama is one hell of a speaker and if I could choose a guy to represent me a guy who is that good of a speaker, who seems to have a good head on his shoulders (I'm ignoring policies here), who seems very composed but human at the same time, Obama has me covered. (I also think the lack of this is why Gore lost when he did, he just has no juice, no charisma) So this is just another thing I have to balance, how important is policy to me or how important is representation to me???? I'm not sold yet but Obama has found a window into my ballot the next several weeks will determine if it is enough to win me over, probably with the debates to try and convince me if I can stand his policies enough to swallow them and take the other reasons.

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