Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Obama VeePstakes

I am so tired about hearing about this and I blame it mainly on the need for the 24 hour news cycle to talk about something but apparently Obama has made his choice and he ain't telling no one.

Of the big 3 names mostly mentioned this week are Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and Tim Kaine (Gov or VA). I don't think he will pick the woman from Kansas and I don't think Hillary stands a shot either. I don't really see how he can pick anyone but Bayh. Biden is just too controversial, or at least he has been in the past and he is too old school Democrat to be "change" which is Obama's thing. I don't know much about Kaine except that he is from a important state but he just doesn't look Presidential or Vice Presidential to me. Bayh on the other hand has the look, he is from a place, Indiana, that has allowed the folks in Ohio and Pennsylvania to both no him more than some nobody and quite honestly this is all about winning one electoral election or else nothing else matters.

For my guess it's Bayh, wouldn't be shocked by either of the other 2 but I just don't think Obama needs Biden for "foreign experience" and I don't think he needs Kaine to pull votes b/c Bayh does that plus Bayh simply looks like the VP's we have become accustomed to with Gore and Quayle (Cheney obviously doesn't fit here).

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