Monday, August 18, 2008

My Ning Experience

As part of this web2.0 experience we do social networking and I think I'm pretty adept at Facebook so I'm trying Ning. More specifically the Law Librarian group of Ning.

First impression is that the site is pretty neat and well laid out. Searching out new friends seems pretty easy with name searches or browsing. There is also some privacy protections about pictures, comments and events which is always handy if someone gets one of those stalkers.

I am surprised that the about me options don't include a MySpace or Facebook place to plug in and I don't really have Flickr or AIM type accounts but there may be too much overlap for those networks considerations on this page.

One thing on Ning that is kind of neat that I had no idea of is the message board area, I will have to dig in deeper later but it is a neat idea to a message board for the group instead of the regular e-mail listserv.

I see a group like this, if I would actually participate, being a great thing for me professionally for me meeting others in the field, something I don't get to do much in my current job.

I think that is about all for now re Ning, I may check back later when I spend more time on the message board.

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