Monday, August 18, 2008

LinkedIn Experience

I had someone hit me up for a LinkedIn invitation a while back so I said sure, signed up and let it sit. Now with this web2.0 challenge I'm taking a deeper look at it but don't really like it.

First off they try and get me to put in my email information so they can use my addy book to find other folks "to create my network". I know this is the very idea of networking but I don't want to be linked to everyone in my addy book, I've sent emails to everyone from the governor to the financial aid people at my undergrad school and it seems like a whole lot more pain to uncheck all the people I want to than it is worth. That being said after I battled what I consider over intrusiveness the networking feature of you might know these people through work and classmates that was fine by me b/c it wasn't so pushy.

Also I don't like how they say my profile is only 40 or 55 % complete when it is as complete as I want it, again I guess the idea of networking is to expose yourself as much as possible to best allow networking to take place but I'm just not that comfortable with that yet.

When trying to just straight search for people I largely struck out where I have much more luck on something like Facebook, maybe it is just there are more users on Facebook or maybe the interface is better but I'm not sold.

The questions part of LinkedIn looks very intriguing but I'm not really sure what that is for at this point, I will need to do more digging on that.

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