Monday, August 18, 2008

The King of Bad Luck

I have a buddy, I would even call him friend but some people throw that word around loosely but he is more than just an acquaintance I think, anyway, here is his blog and ergo his story. If I didn't know him I would think it was one of those crazy people who just post stuff to get a rise but Robin is the real deal and is a real nice guy which makes me literally shake my head.

In consolation RH is not as bad off as the fictional Dewey Cox, whose movie I just watched tonight, but that may be another idea for RH to work on that true story, I think you might be able to sell it. You wonder why so many people read your blog, my opinion is b/c you are so genuine and nice yet the crazy and odd seems to surround you (mostly not of your own doing, I can't speak for the self-made boat though).

Anyway here is my fleeting post to Robin Hood with strong wishes and hopes that things turn around on the variable toils you seem to face and I expect to continue to be amazed how well you handle all of it.

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