Monday, August 25, 2008

In news today

  1. Young man, Jericho Scott, has been told he throws too hard for his baseball league (as a 9 year old). Come on people grow up, I believe the politics involved that the story mentions but this is just rediculuous, let the kid (all the kids play).
  2. My buddy Robin Hood won his fight with his landlord and his first case (assuming they don't appeal) in what I can only describe as a perfect example of the craziness of Justice Court. It is THE place for equity and quite literally is devoid of law and full of "justice".
  3. There is now a 9 FOOT ray at the Georgia Aquarium. HOLY COW!!!
  4. College Football starts Thursday, I can already taste the rotel and feel the oncoming surround system.
  5. The Dow took a big ole plummet today, this is one reason we are still holding out of the market. We will be getting in after the first of the year and before tax day but it is still a little too unstable for me. From May 5, 2008 to Today the Dow has dropped 1,670 points which is a loss of 14.6% over less than 4 months. I still don't think we are at the bottom but we are a hell of a lots closer than we were in May I think.
  6. My grad school classes get into full swing this week and I have the itch to try and hurry up and get done. Not really sure why b/c the best I can do is graduate at the end of Summer 09 instead of May 2010 and that is with a complete charge of full loads and intercessions. I'm not sure if it is worth but the unhappiness that surrounds my workplace has sucked me in also and I think everyone wants out. We actually had a discussion the other day of what would happen if all 3 librarians (not acting librarians which we also have 2 of) said the hell with it and left. The place would be utter chaos but I don't know if that isn't what we have now. Sometimes I feel like it is a zoo with the animals telling the zoo keepers what they will and won't do everyday (and I'm not referring to the students here). One of a couple of things will happen, the animals will quite down and things will be o.k., the animals will keep it up and a keeper will go crazy or just quit, or some of the animals will be traded in for new ones that aren't so disruptive. I obviously hope it is the first or in the alternative the last but I'm afraid what will happen in the middle option.

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