Monday, August 11, 2008

Greg Byrne

I had the fortune of getting to hear Greg Byrne speak today at a local lunch meeting and I came away very, very impressed. For those of you not sure of who he is Byrne is the "new" Athletic Director at Mississippi State. Of things Byrne mentioned are some future upgrades to facilities including a new basketball practice facility, a new track facility and some work on the football practice field drainage system. He also talked about how he doesn't see the need for expanding D.Wade Stadium or the Hump (which I agree with) but to dress up what we have better and put in more high end accommodations to maximize profit (which then can be spent back in the programs). My words here and not his obviously.

What I came away with just a great experience that got me excited because I think we got a "real deal" of an A.D. in Byrne as he has a plan that he really believes in and talks about it with passion and self assuredness w/o being cocky or arrogant. I also like a lot of what Byrne was talking about in the business sense as it made him feel like he wasn't just throwing money around but there was a purpose around this spending spree that MSU has gone on lately.

Picture from the MSU website at he above linked article.

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