Monday, August 18, 2008

Flickr - Maybe it is better than Picasa Web

In the past I've been a Picasa Web guy b/c I actually like the Google taking over the world on some things (like simple sharing of blogs and pics and single username/passwords). But I do like the layout of Flickr's albums and the description part seems a bit easier. They are pretty similar but Flickr seems nice and I think the biggest part of Flickr is the searchable community which I have done some exploring and found some neat stuff. Here is my album -

Looking at the video part of Flickr it seems kind of strange for what they are wanting, long pictures. I'm not a big fan of the photo slideshows (says the guy with slideshows on his blog) and restricting a video to 90 seconds seems like an unnecessary restriction if they are going to go ahead and have filters of all other sorts which can be a positive and negative of YouTube. I actually like the freedom of YouTube and am generally a free use type guy but I see where some people would like a safer environment like this.

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