Monday, August 18, 2008

Diigo / Delicious

I just did a little posting on the forum about Diigo and Delicious and don't want to be overly redundant but IMO Diigo completely kicks Delicious' electronic butt. Delicious is nice and all and provides something that is beyond normal bookmarks and is social BUT Diigo has the super cool feature of highlighting portions of what you are working on and then allowing you to comment. I'm not sure what kind of script they use to do this but Diigo is very, very cool in my book.

It's almost kind of hard to compare them now b/c I got Delicious, I used it then I got Diigo and I really have not used Delicious since. Delicious is good in that I like the tagging and the social sharing ability. I don't really want to read someone else's bookmarks and I don't know anyone that would really want to read mine so that Big feature is kind of lost on me.

I think I have already talked about my geeky love affair with Diigo enough but one complaint I may have is that it seems like the Delicious sidebar view is more visually appealing to me. I figure that I can change that some how (I haven't really dug into that part) but with a starting set Delicious is kind of better in that way.

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