Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Das Boot

In my seeking to watch lots of movies I tried to watch Das Boot on the Netflix autoplay and I just couldn't do it. In complete honesty I watched an hour and 45 minutes of it and it just wasn't good. I mean it was o.k. and I'm not a big fan of a subtitled movie but I tried, I really did but even this submarine movie (which I love) was just o.k. The story line had promise, it had some suspense BUT it was so drawn out and slow that it just had no rhythm. My best comparison was that it felt a lot like U-571 which I like a lot but U-571 did a better job of capturing the momentum.

End of story I just don't get what is special about Das Boot which has been called a top 100 movie and is rated like 8.5/10 on IMDB. Maybe it was groundbreaking for the time (1981) but to me it just was no good and if someone out there gets it please let me know, please.

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