Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am very intrigued by the dispute in Georgia/Russia but not a whole lot of people are talking about it. Granted it has been in the paper a couple of times and a couple of stories have been put on television but nothing like I thought it would (or should) be. Russia, one of only 8 or 9 countries that have nuclear weapons, has started a war with a country that we, the U.S., have allied ourselves with. This is part of the slippery slope of loving democracy loving countries around the world but it is what it is.

This being said Russia, still military power Russia, has attacked a friendly nation to us and similar actions have at time really rallied the warhawks in our country. Granted we as a nation are tired of war with Iraq and Afghanistan having dominated our warmaking existence since October of 2001 but this could have been a very, very big thing if we wanted to it to be.

That being said the point of this post is for me to say that John McCain with his recent statements that can, by some, be called Saber-rattling insisting that Russia "immediately and unconditionally . . . withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory, " when he has no power to do anything (and the U.S. really doesn't either). This event has made me see the "crazy old man" that some call McCain and a hawk of a Republican that was starting to win me over with fear of Obama's spending. I'm opposed to G.Will's article (linked above) and I don't think this is a good moment for McCain and I don't think Obama is parroting the Kremlin as I've seen some places.

IMO this is the perfect example of why the Iraq war is so bad for America, it is not necessarily b/c it is SO expensive, in both lives and $, or b/c we just shouldn't be their b/c it was wrong to go there, and its not b/c we broke it and now we have to fix it. The problem with the Iraq war is that it exhausted us, and weakened us (if nothing else as a nation mentally) to a point of not being able to defend ourselves as we should or back up our friends as we might need to b/c we have been off fighting in a sandbox that we may or may not have supposed to have been in.

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