Thursday, August 7, 2008

bad timing

I like to consider myself a man with impeccably bad timing, to go along with this thought I read an article today from the Wall Street Journal that talks about the new Southern Strategy of the Democrats. This article precisely talks about the mold I fit into politically and the type of politician I would want to be were I to run. Here is where the bad timing comes in b/c I'm not running for office now and I couldn't if I wanted to at this point b/c I just don't have the personal wherewithal to to able to get a campaign off the ground.

Basically the article reflects how there are a lot of people out there that are pro-gun, pro-life, pro lots of things that have become associated with Republicans but that type of conservatism just isn't comfortable being in the Republican party. Additionally, it doesn't really fit into the Democratic party but they are willing to be accepting, something many Republicans just aren't. Plus I think that Southern Conservatism fits really well with populism (which isn't really my strain but the point is still valid) and populism fits pretty well with the overall idea of the Democratic party if you ignore some of the finer points.

This might be the place where I distinguish myself from Bobby Bright who the article talks a lot about. I am less populist and more hardline libertarian but there is a place in populism for me as I want people to get stuff just not nearly as much stuff as the Dems (or the Bushlike Republicans) want to give them. When people ask me what I am I try and parse and say I'm a financial conservative but fairly liberal socially. And those 2 things can work but the problem is few people in either party are now financially conservative and that my friends is where the party (be it Dems or Repubs) will find those swing politicians like Bright (and me hopefully someday) and win the chambers in Congress.

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