Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watcha Goina Do?

In this case it would more appropriate to say bad girl but a Wisconsin woman, Heidi Dalibor, was arrested and booked for failure to pay library fines (and failure to appear in court when summonsed on the charges). The grand total to get her out of the clink was around $200 (numbers seem to vary) for unreturned copies of Angels & Demons (a personal favorite of this blogger) and White Oleander.

On the bright side I bet the Graphton Library has more returns on time this month than ever before and the young lady seemed in a pretty good mood during her mug shot.

I will also note that upon showing this to my boss she told me not to get any ideas as I have previously pitched the idea that we take people to Justice Court (what we in Mississippi have as a small claims court). If anyone else proceeds in this manner please let us know in the comments and tell us if there are other successful book/$$$ recovery stories out there. {bb}

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