Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2009 MSU Baseball Conference Schedule

I just saw this on a site somewhere else and wanted to share and also save a copy for myself. Looking at the timing maybe I can make 2 of the series'. I'm thinking maybe the Kentucky and LSU series', LSU will probably depend on if I am in a intercession class at the time. I'm not really liking the SC series b/c it is too early and that first series is always so cold and we have gotten where we don't really like going to SBW b/c the crowd is just so large it makes things uncomfortable. I know, I'm not the best of fans and I complain a lot but I do support my Dawgs when I can and I have gotten to the point in my life where college sports at a place I graduated 6 years ago isn't a top priority for me.

March 13-15 -- host South Carolina
March 20-22 -- at Georgia
March 27-29 -- at Arkansas
April 3-5 -- host Auburn (Super Bulldog Weekend)
April 10-12 -- at Tennessee
April 17-19 -- host Kentucky
April 24-26 -- at Vanderbilt
May 1-3 -- host Alabama
May 8-10 -- at Ole Miss
May 14-16 -- host LSU

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