Monday, July 7, 2008

Say it ain't so

Let me start by saying I like football, I am a bigger baseball fan (some would call me a baseball freak), but I really do like football. I love college football and really like pro football. This year NBC is going to have a lead in show with their Sunday Night Pro Football game that in recent news will feature Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick, two of my favorites from the classic "Golden Years" of SportsCenter, ie. pre-Stuart Scott sucking it up. But this article pretty much ensures I won't be watching the pre-game show as it has Bob Costas AND Chris Collingsworth also in in studio. What is the hell was Dick Ebersol thinking, combing Costas, Collingsworth, Obermann, Patrick and Tiki Barber might be making the craziest combination of egomaniacs possible. Forget about the atom smasher ending the world this group can cause the creation of Harry Potteresque Dementors to actually come alive as they can literally suck the life and sanity out of any person. Watch out in the skies above New York in early September there is not telling what might be happening.

For my previous takes on some of this motley crew see these 1, 2 previous posts. Looking back it is kind of funny how the #2 and #11 worst announcers of all time are going to be going forces. and yes Costas would be #1 but for Jim Gray's singularly atrocious mistake.

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