Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reflection on a funny

I have what is considered by some an unusual sense of humor and reading this story about how a SWAT team is wanting a grant to buy a monkey made me reflect on a funny comment I made at one point a couple of years ago.

First a little background for those who don't click on the links, there is a thing out there called service monkeys, think seeing eye dogs but able to do a lot more than lead you around and see the picture on the right of a traveling service monkey. These monkeys can sit on you shoulder or in a pouch and assist you when you need it. HYPOTHETICALLY there might have been a lawsuit by someone who had one of these service monkeys who could actually tell when his owner was having blood sugar issues and could warn the owner b/c the monkey sat on his shoulder and apparently when sugar gets quite low you breath out more methyl nitrates and animals with strong sniffers can sense this.

Well this man and his service monkey decide one day to go to a local casino, and the admittance of the monkey was not welcomed by casino security. I can't really blame them for this, it is not a traditional service animal, one would worry about a monkey scurrying around a very secure environment snatching chips and such off of tables and insanity could ensue, plus there is a huge slippery slope of let in the monkey and then the "lucky cat" needs to come also. The man and his monkey were turned away, they sued, you get the picture.

Where my sense of humor comes into play here is in discussing the case with a former boss we talking about the craziness that could have ensued if the monkey was admitted and acted out. This led me to propose the integral question.

Lets assume this service monkey does things for his owner (safe assumption) and he sits with his owner (safe assumption) and the owner plays blackjack in the casino (fairly safe assumption). So what is the dealer to do when the owner is mulling over his hand but the monkey hits the table like he wants another card? I have the best visual of this in my head and the quizzical look on the dealers face.

I say deal him another card and see if the monkey (and his owner) will bust.

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