Tuesday, July 8, 2008

just think

I have lots of crazy ideas come through my head, those of you who know me well and think "Yeah, he is pretty original" really have no clue, you only hear the one's that I let slip out the real craziness still spins around in my noggin. I've been thinking of this for a while and told it to K a week or two ago and she laughed and said I ought to blog it.

Many are familiar with these two images, and many more, from the Mars Rover
my thought was what would happen if some guy is sitting there at Nasa in Pasadena or Houston or wherever they are running this show from just watching the the rover chug along at 44m a day and then all the sudden something picks up the rover, you see a flash of some "creature" (letting you use your imagination to see your own alien) and then the rover is in essence turned off. I imagine being like one of those matchbox cars with the spinning wheels that have the little switch on the bottom (even though I know the rover can't be like that).

The questions that roll around my head at this point are:
  1. Would Nasa tell us (I think yes), but if yes how soon?????
  2. This then begs question 2 what would world (sounds strange b/c it wouldn't just be our world, maybe earth-people is more appropriate) response would be to this amazing fact?
O.k. I know I may have lost any respect I might have once had with some of you but just think, what would we see? Would it be like the pandamonium in the Left Behind books upon rapture with folks killing themselves out of fear or a calm evenkeel response? How knows but it is an interesting thing to think about.

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