Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Good was my sentiment when I read this article about how we (the federal government/America) is spending more on veterans than ever before. Whether you are for or against this war or any other war that America is in that is fine by me and we can discuss it. What is not fine is begrudging or short changing those men and women who endanger themselves and fight and die and injure themselves while in uniform.

One part of the article: "While we are spending more than in previous years, we are still not meeting many of the health care and benefits needs of our veterans," really stuck out to me because this is just senseless to me. I'm a cheap SOB by most accounts but when you ask someone to help you out, especially in a big way, then you are obligated to help them back especially if what you asked them to do injured them in some way. {Don't go down the slippery slope of we broke Iraq now we need to fix it, that is for a different post}

There is an interesting underlying theme here with the McCain / Obama debate on the latest GI Bill, I side with Obama on this, I think more educational benefits are a good thing, even if it does educate some folks out of the service. What does that really mean, it means we have better educated people in society then and more spots are open for people to come into the service and take advantage of the same services (and risks that come with joining the service). I have a feelign McCain's comments were driven by retention/recruiting issues military services are having but I don't think not giving educational benefits is going to help that.

On a side note there have been several moments in my life were I considered joining the military or more especially the Guard but I haven't. I can't pinpoint a reason why or why not I just didn't but it has crossed my mind.

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