Monday, July 21, 2008


o.k. I'm currently tired for 3rd and only 12 games out of first with about 40% of a season left. This could mean 1 of 2 things, I can sell out trying to mortgage the future for now or I can slowly try and build the team for the future hoping that eventually it all comes together. well I guess I am actually trying to do something in between. I am looking to the future despite my current success as I have some overachieving pitchers, namely Cliff Lee and Danny Haren (who is good but is playing excellently) and Billingsley is also playing well, if Harang wasn't sucking it up I would have a great squad. BUT I'm not looking to keep any of these 5 for next year. My planned keepers at this point are: Prince Fielder, Morneau, Jay Bruce, Colby Rasmus and maybe Haren, maybe Tulo. My goal in the following proposed trades are to improve this group and in doing so improve the future and hopefully give a push this season but I may be selling too much and sinking myself this year. Obviously if it could happen one would want 5 1st round guys which would be crazy, I would settle for 2 first rounders, 2 third rounders and a project but I have lots of feelers out right now:

Trade away Cliff Lee and Russ Martin and Aaron Harang for Ryan Braun, Mike Pelfrey and Jeff Mathis. Big picture this looks like a 3rd rounder (martin) a 6th (Harang) and Cook a FA for a high 1, low 2 in Braun and 2 FA. If I can swing this I would be very happy

Trade Dan Haren and Ryan Franklin for Ryan Howard and Greg Maddux. I don't think he will go for this but Haren is a top 10 guy so far this year and Franklin is clearly better than the throw in of Maddux but I just don't know if he will give up this much power for some spiffy pitching

Trade Milton Bradley and Jon Garland for Adam Dunn and Trevor Hoffman. I have no clue about this, never dealt with the guy before but Bradley is better overall than Dunn but doesn't have pop which is what I'm interested in and I offered Garland b/c this guy has 3 other LAA starters so why not, it would make me feel good to have the entire staff of one of the better teams for an aging Hoffman which I could use the saves

Let me say I don't expect any of these deals to go through but if they could my Keeper 5 could be:

Fielder, Howard, Braun, Morneau and Dunn. That my friends is a ton of power, really crappy BA and few steals but lots of power and that is what I want to keep. That would also mean I have Rasmus and Bruce to be able to trade or maybe package them with one of these for a run at Hanley Rameriz or even ARod. There are a couple of ways to win keeper leagues and my goal is to have the best top 5 of anybody and then I can draft as well as everyone else and I would whip them overall, well at least that is the idea. I know if all this happens my pitching will be trashed but oh well, I can string together some pitching, hell who thought Aaron Cook, Billingsly and Dan Haren would all be top 10 pitchers, I sought them out last time and can do it again, plus WHIP and ERA and Saves can be won by relievers so I may go the middle reliever route if all these go through.

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