Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Checking in

most you who know me personally know that I am trying to lose weight, on January 25th I saw 270 on the scale and I said I was going to start trying to loose weight, I was still at 256 on April 26th according to my records. By June 11th I had done really well and got down to 240 and then really hit a hard wall to get through for me especially with all of the travel and health troubles I've been having. BUT I've tried to get serious again with it as I have 2 weeks of weight watchers left and my 28th birthday is just under 3 weeks. Today I saw an all-time low so time again for the camera. Today I was at 229.4. And we will also do the pic comparison from January 26, 2008 to July 29, 2008.

I will also take this post as an opportunity to say what my future goals are ... I want to get under 220 (theoretically 215 but under 220 is the goal) before I give the full scale diet a rest. At that point I want to maintain b/t 219 and 225 until late October 31st. For the following 4 weeks I'm going to go full speed on the WW system again and see how much I can lose down to. I'm hoping I can go from 220 to 210. If I can be at 210 for Thanksgiving I can eat smart but what I want during the holiday season thinking I'll gain around 10 pounds during that time (I really love Christmas/Holiday food). This means my goal for end year is 220 and then I plan to cycle on and off of WW to maintain and back and forth until I get down under 200. That being said it is so far from where I'm at now that isn't even a goal it's just a projection. The goals are as stated above.

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