Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I check CNN and USAToday over and over each day, probably once every 2 hours, pop it up, close it down, check it again later as kind of an escape from the grind but I noticed a trend that I hate today.

The big news today was the gay marriage issue in California and regardless of what you believe on the issue these news networks are practicing in the worst type of sensationalism. Every single picture I have seen today is of flamboyant, over the top gay couples (see right for USAToday earlier today). These are not a majority of gay folks, at least any of the one's I know, and is just an absolutely horrible presentation of who gays are for those who don't actually know gay people (or think they don't know gay people).

Now obviously some of you will disagree with me and I have kind of complex take on this issue. First my thought on gay people in general is that they are people but can be called gay just like black people are people but also black or dumb people are dumb but still people. (Don't take that out of context trying to tie blacks and gays and dumb together) Many "anti-gay" people really strongly hold to the fact it is a sin and an abomination. Well I hate to tell folks but we are all sinners and those who aren't can cast the first stone with approval from Jesus' story. And don't give me different levels of sin because that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense especially when you try and put in context because if its about sex then everyone who is having premarital sex should be facing the same scorn.

Now that most of you have already quit reading b/c you think I'm crazy or I've satisfied you n that and you are now bored b/c I took so long to get there I will give my take on the gay marriage issue. My take is that no state should allow/require/oversee gay marriages. I also don't think any state should allow/require/oversee non-gay marriage. Marriage is not a government issue, it is a church issue and a God issue and there is no place for the government anywhere in this decision IMO.

If you want to require that the government tie people together for tax issues or to decide who is the babies daddy or who can visit who in the hospital that can be done by another method be it a civil union or a statement of partnership or different little models of hospital visitation contracts and the such.

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Eric said...

Wow! Nice post there Brian. Wish there were more people out there that felt the same as you.