Saturday, June 14, 2008

Think of this when you complain about gas prices

I admit I complain about gas prices being more than double what they were a few short years ago, I can even remember paying 89 cents a gallon at some point in my youth (which really wasn't that long ago, I'm thinking 10-12 years) but lets keep this in perspective.

  1. a gallon of gas cost $4.00 (rounding off here for ease purposes)
  2. a gallon of Freshbrew Starbucks costs $15.00 and that is a dining services price
  3. Don't feel sorry for those in California
Another thing that I hate that the news forgets to mention when mentioning high gas prices is that they focus on California and New York / Jersey. Now I admit they may have the highest raw prices with Cali's lowest price being 4.29 right now and Mississippi's being 3.74 right now but what this doesn't take into account is income. The average income in Cali is over $54,000 and the average income in Mississippi is just over $34,000. And the numbers are even further apart if you look at NY or Jersey. It sure seems to me that those making $20,000 more a year can better handle this increase and shouldn't be the focus of the news and feel like they are being abused because gas prices don't cause pain for anyone as much as they do for the poor, which Mississippi relatively is in this scenario.

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