Friday, June 6, 2008

I respectfully ask Ron Polk to shut up

I love Mississippi State and anyone who has known me for any amount of time knows how much of a Mississippi State baseball fan I am. People make fun of me for wearing MSU polo's at work regularly (seeing how I work at a different school I kind of see it) and it is my thing and everyone knows it. But I just want Coach Polk to give it a rest.

After all of those trips to the College World Series, to being THE MAN who put Mississippi State baseball on the proverbial map and being one of the forefathers of putting college baseball on the map, Ron Polk has earned a lot of respect and leeway from his followers. However, tonight news has broken that John Cohen will be the new baseball coach at State and this isn't want Polk wants and he isn't shy about revealing his thoughts on who should follow his as the next coach. Polk's selection is Tommy Raffo, if you didn't know but still read this for some reason, but new Athletic Director Greg Byrne says he did a national search and is hiring the best national candidate (in his opinion). I will copy text from what is the best MSU blog out there courtesy of the Daily Journal b/c I don't want the text to disappear of Polk's statements tonight after it became public that Cohen was selected as coach. I think Polk isn't doing anyone any good here. He looks bad, it hurts the kids in the program, it hurts the University, it hurts the fans and why, just to make a point about Greg Byrne? I would think that Coach would think bigger than that. No matter what happens at this point Tommy Raffo won't be coach because he is too tied to Polk and therefore to tied to this tirade.

Here it is:

“Unfortunately, our new athletic director slapped me in face and punched me in the stomach. He also slapped Tommy Raffo in the face and punched him in the stomach after 15 years of loyalty to Mississippi State. He did the same to our players, their parents and signees. I think I have more knowledge about the game than young Mr. Byrne.

“I want my name taken off the stadium and in the concourse until Greg Byrne is fired. And if they don’t do it, I will. And as soon as I get back to Starkville, I’m going to make sure the MSU Foundation is taken out of my will. And that’s a lot of money. I’m going to ask former players who give to quit. If you’re asking if I’m mad, then yes. I’m mad.

“I was up front with John Cohen, Pat Casey, Steve Smith all along. If Joe Torre got the job, I wouldn’t support him. I know more about Mississippi State baseball than anyone. Greg Byrne doesn’t know anything. Well, he’s about to find out what my name means.

“I love John, he’s a former player, but he knew how I felt. And when he walks into his new office, there will only be a desk and chair. No papers on the players or anything. I don’t like what’s done, but I guess he really wanted this job very bad. Good luck.

“Is this a good job? I don’t know. Kentucky has the lottery and we don’t. But I’ll tell you one thing, Greg Byrne may be the athletic director, but I’m the athletic director for baseball. I’ve been there for 31 years, and no one is more loyal than me.”

“Do you think Vince Dooley is glad he listened to me. Look what Dave Perno has done with Georgia and he’s close to getting them back to the world series. But with this hire, Greg Byrne has thrown 15 years away of Tommy’s coaching life and the four years he has played here. Is he the best candidate, I don’t know. I say give him four years. If he doesn’t get the job done, then fire him. But no, Greg Byrne wanted to make a splash. But he’s not a Mississippi State guy, and doesn’t understand what MSU baseball is all about. His honeymoon is over. He blew it.”

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