Friday, June 27, 2008

Grizzlies Draft

Let me first say I thought the Kevin Love pick was a horrible pick for the Grizz the moment it was made, not a horrible pick for the 5 spot but just for them. BUT then I got up this morning and saw the news the the Grizz traded Love (and Mike Miller) for OJ Mayo (who I really like, see the post before the draft yesterday) in addition to Antoine Walker and some guys I've never heard of. This can very well be the guy to go with Rudy Gay that can take the Grizz to some respectability. Lets look at the roster now

  • PG - Mike Conley (20) / KLowery
  • SG - Rudy Gay (21) / Navarro
  • SF - OJ Mayo (20) / Jaric
  • PF - Hakim Warrick / Antoine Walker
  • C - Darko / Marc Gasol
What still worries me about this team is lack of a presence inside but this simply wasn't going to be well covered by any fifth pick in the draft. I mean just look at the West conference the teams the Griz have to compete with have Yao, Tim Duncan, David West and Dirk in their division and Boozer and A.Stoudemire in the conference. I'm saying you have to beat these guys on talent but you have to be able to hold your own and not be crushed by them. Maybe Darko can continue to improve like he did with his rebounding and Marc Gasol can be a tough rebounder even if he doesn't have the offensive game of Pau. I guess you could also throw Jason Collins and Kwame Brown in their also but I don't expect much from them.

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