Thursday, June 12, 2008

Checking back in after the doctor visit

Numbers were o.k., Triglycerides were down over 100 points but still like 245 so I have to keep trying to get it lower. In addition my Good Cholesterol is low I'm a 20 where they want me at a 40. She told me the official diagnosis was I am doing better but not in the clear yet. They also ran blood sugar on me with a diabetic family history and I was at 82 which made me happy. My Overall Cholesterol is o.k. though, don't remember that number.

Still no real solution on the high BP so they are upping the dosage of Altace which is the 2nd drug they've tried out for me. Diovan didn't work at all for me and gave me some side effects that I would prefer to not talk about but that is behind me and hopefully doubling the Altace will do the trick.

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