Saturday, March 8, 2008

Doc Foglesong is out

Lots of rumor and speculation is out there regarding why the President at MSU stepped down yesterday afternoon. Below is a list of rumors and bitchings that I have seen in the paper and on the MSU message boards I read. I don't agree that all of them are valid and I don't acknowledge they are true, they are rumors but a collection of them is what I am seeking to provide, if you have others you want to add feel free to comment. Honestly, I truly hope that Doc stepped down b/c the IHL monetary decisions that screw all Mississippi schools in favor of Ole Miss but even fi that is the reason on some level Doc was a micromanager and a showboat and that does rub many people the wrong way. The list is in no particular order.

· Closing the library at 5 on weeknights and on the weekends

· Turning the lights off on campus in the middle of sexual assaults, including all lights being off after some night classes

· Daffodils being pulled up, when contacted students he belittled students in emails and then blocked them being able to contact him

· Newspapers being taken up when student newspaper ran about the arch school supression

· Forcing articles off of the newspapers website

· Cutting of the crete myrtles at Dudy Noble

· Painting the fire hydrants

· Painting the telephone boxes

· Closing off the road by the presidents house

· Tearing down art and architecture sculptures around campus

· Making arch students take projects out of windows

· Painting windows at arch building so can’t see inside it from the street

· Not allowing music for Super Bulldog weekend but allowing for his band to play

· Not allowing drunk bus for students

· Hiring of people like Amy Tuck and Jeffrey Rupp w/o no real experience or job duties

· Hiring people that play in his band

· Running off alumni donors

· Firing LT, some like, some don’t

· Hiring Greg Byrne who many think is under qualified

· Had a room renovated so his band could practice in it

· Not allow student association signs to be placed in front of the union because they were an “eyesore”, this is a tradition

· Not being able to get onto Facebook for one day

· Flying from Starkville to Columbus in the MSU jet for “Fun”

· Low morale with many b/c he bullied people

· Had an engineering project in mid completion hauled to the dump w/o asking what it was

· Not attending faculty senate meetings

· Not showing up to appointments


C.J. said...

He never forced any articles off the newspaper's Web site. I know this because I'm the online editor, and that has NEVER happened.

B Squared said...

CJ, I clearly said in more than one way that the list was rumor, speculation, and/or bitchings so don't get all bent out of shape.

I would be interested on your take on Doc, I've not been a student at State since 02 so I'm sure a lot has changed, what is your feeling on the whole Doc thing?

Tray See said...

I’m sorry that I missed this article. Just last night, I found out from a colleague that Doc was “canned” from MSU. Doc--Good riddance, hope the door didn’t hit you on the way out. MSU is much better off without you. Good thing you left without damaging too much.

I was an officer who served under Doc Foglesong at Columbus AFB when he was there in 1993. Doc Foglesong IS an idiot. For the short time he was there, he nearly ruined Columbus AFB. He made a lot of great people retire. They weren’t going to put up with his crap. For example, Dr. Mary Alexander at MSU was one of the ones who called it quits as a Lt Col when she was Doc’s executive officer at Columbus in the 1990’s. She was chosen as the Executive Officer under the previous commander…a great man…a great leader…whom I respect and took up for when Doc talked bad about him…(ret) Colonel Nick P. Ardillo, Jr. Doc didn’t like me taking-up for Colonel Ardillo. I found it amazing that Mary survived him at MSU.

Doc almost ran off the long-time “senior” Wing Commander’s secretary…”Miss T.” I remember her telling me about Doc “it’s not a matter of how long the storm will last, but how much damage it will do along the way”. She was referring to Doc’s time at Columbus AFB, and all the damage he was doing. We all knew he was short-lived, only “filling a square” under Gen McPeak, another idiot who ruined the Air Force while he was Chef of Staff. I recall Doc was at Columbus for about 9 months, a very short tour for any commander.

Doc would call meetings on Sunday, yes Sunday, and have his commander’s wait in his waiting area for over an hour. He would come out of the office about every 20 minutes and just look over there and say “now, what was our meeting all about?, oh yeah, that’s right, I’ll be with you in a minute”. When we finally got in to see him, he took 30 SECONDS to say what he wanted to say and dismissed us. What a moron.

He would call commander’s at 4am to tell them they had an unauthorized tobacco “butt can” in front of their building and they need to remove it NOW. He also did the same for a single light being left on in an aircraft hanger. All times of the night, he rode around the base making calls to people. So it didn’t surprise me when I read about all the stupid things he did at MSU.

Doc would befriend the resource commander (known as “FM”—financial management) on base because this was the person who controlled ALL the money. Doc would have funds switched from one account over to another; whatever Doc wanted, DOC got. He would call the resource commander at 5am and talk to him about ideas he had for money. What an idiot.

Doc had his secretary call me up, and she would say “Colonel Foglesong wants you to meet him outside, he will come by and pick you up in his staff car”. I would stand outside in the 100-degree humid heat and he would drive around the base within 150 yards of me, see me, but not picking me up. This was his way of controlling people. About 30 minutes later, after I was drenched in sweat, he would pick me up and try to convince me to back him up on a crazy idea of moving some money around “for one of his projects”. Until I said, “yes, ok, fine, I agree, I’ll back you up”, I wasn’t getting out of his staff car. He would ride around in circles on the airfield until I agreed with his crazy idea. I argued as long as I could and yes, I gave good justification, but he wouldn’t listen. Doc’s a nut.

Doc would “hangout” with the lowest ranking Airmen, to “snoop around” and find out what was happening in a squadron. He befriended them so much that it was difficult to get those Airmen to do anything, since “they had Doc on their side”. This was against good military law and order. For years after he made general, he did this same thing; after-hours, he would jog around a (visited) base and stop by the dorms or a work place to talk to the Airmen, Doc’s way of micro-managing any commander he could. I am sure that he would interact with the MSU students, just like he did the Airmen. Like the Airman, I’m sure they liked it. Doc probably had an open-door policy with a few students who gave him advice. I could’ve told you that he wasn’t going to interact with the MSU faculty or staff, because he doesn’t want to hear the truth or ANY others ideas from his colleagues.

Doc Foglesong never listened to his commanders, unless it was the two that he brought onto the base. He normally had two or three “followers” with him, when he arrived. Without them, he had no cheerleaders. As one of his Captain executive officer’s once told me, “as high ranking as he is, surprisingly, he has little self-confidence”. The executive officer went on to say, Doc was “too young to lead, and too arrogant to listen to his best people”. Good leaders surround themselves with good people, and listen to their people. Being a fighter pilot is not an excuse for his demeanor. He is in a league, all his own.

At Columbus, I had a co-worker who got a bland rating on his promotion recommendation form (PRF), and Foglesong would not talk to him about it. The Captain got a “Promote” instead of a Definitely Promote”. Doc was REQUIRED to explain (give feedback) why he was rated the way he was, or at least talk to him, explain or answer his questions or concerns, but Doc kept canceling the appointment with the Captain, and finally left the word with the Captain’s boss that “I don’t want to talk to him, and tell him to Stop calling my office!” His outstanding record promoted the Captain to Major.

In Doc’s replies concerning the MSU complaints about him, I noticed that he didn’t even address the actual complaints. Doc loves to avoid the truth. Instead, he danced around with some weird quotes that he probably copied off the Internet.

At the Change of Command ceremony, when Doc was leaving Columbus. He never once addressed the hundreds of troops standing in a parade on the hot and humid flight line. Instead, he turned his back on them and addressed the Columbus mayor and DV’s on the stand behind the podium…how sad. He never mentioned all of the accomplishments of the troops or thanked them. Every “good” commander addresses the troops when he departs. When his wife Mary kissed him, he acted like a Hollywood actor by wiping off his face as though he had a pile of slobber on it. In front of hundreds, Doc disrespected Mary.

After he left Columbus AFB Mississippi, Doc went on to ruin Osan AB South Korea. For the first time, he made a curfew for being off base. In disbelief, the merchants and people of the local community protested. He was good at making a mountain out of a molehill. In order to get his way, he would exaggerate a problem. He built gun revetments all over the place at Osan, making it look like a war zone. Never before, had I seen a place be built up so fast. Yet, nothing militarily or socially had changed. It was all in his head. It was Doc trying to make himself look like a Combat hero.

Combat Time? At Columbus, Doc would give speeches and talks about combat time, like he had hours of combat experience. He would say “in combat, you must…….”. In his speeches, he led us to believe he had combat time. So in 1993, we went to his official flight records folder and saw NO COMBAT time. No combat time in the F-16, and actually and for someone of his rank, his flying hours were really low. He was a staffer, and a square-filler. If he retired with combat time, it was far after he had pinned on Brigadier General. And Doc was not seen as one to put his life on the line for anyone. Doc as all about himself.

Copy-cat. On Doc’s website, (The Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF)) Doc directly plagiarizes a quote from the USAF…Our promise to ourselves and to our Fellows is to commit to “integrity, service before self and excellence in all we do”. The last part is directly from the USAF posters, official documents, and advertisement. Doesn’t an educator know about the consequences of plagiarism?

You, Doc Foglesong, have ruined a lot of lives. Your way--or the highway, well hit the highway. Yes, go back to West Virginia, go put your big head in a coalmine, and don’t come out. You’re no leader, you’re a dictator.

Chris said...

I found this blog while searching for some info on Doc. I think you'll enjoy checking out this link -
It's a forum for military aviation and as you'll see, there is absolutely no love for Doc from anybody in the Air Force.

Kirk said...

I know this is thread necro...but I had to post this...I was an enlisted guy who suffered for two years under Doc's "wonderful leadership". I believe most of what those folks accused him of after his round of "Combat" programs in USAFE...repainting EVERYTHING...taking folks away from MISSION-IMPACT jobs to do cleanup work or pretty something up...putting out an order that NOTHING could be on a wall that wasn't in a frame...and on and on. We always thought it was some Colonel that just got ol' Doc to hack off on it...but I see that it was him all along. My condolences to those who had to put up with his bull while you went to college...